Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Joining the Rich and Famous

14-16 April - Monaco, Nice and Cannes
The South of France was warm and beautiful.  The Mediterranean was deep sparkling blue.  We were joined by Sophie's friend Jessie Boston (Grace's sister) and had three nights in an excellent value apartment in St Laurent du Var (right next door to Nice). Shot Sophie for scoring the apartment!

Sue, Sophie and Jessie at the Fortress above Cannes
We were amazed at the number of high end sports cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini... everywhere!  On the trip down we were on the 130km/hr toll road which seemed pretty fast to me until a Ferrari whizzed by.  Buy why have these fancy sports cars in traffic congested Nice , Monte Carlo and Cannes?  They wouldn't get out of first gear.  We couldn't even find a park on our first pass through Monte Carlo.  (Unless they were in the Monaco Grand Prix) Yet they were cruising through the streets.  Gotta be seen in an expensive sports car.
The Monaco Grand Prix wasn't on, but the Monaco Tennis Masters was - the city was busy.

Macaulays in Menton, just past Monte Carlo (Italy in the backgound)
Unlike our rather casual attire, many of the beautiful people in Monte Carlo and Cannes were dressed to the nines.  We saw one man walking his dog along the Cannes waterfront on Saturday morning wearing a suit. It all seem a classic case of obsession with looking rich and beautiful.
Beauty again, this time in the St Nicholas Cathedral above Monte Carlo
The juxtaposition of these images and their timing (walked into this cathedral minutes after seeing police and bodyguards arrive to safeguard the royals of Monaco heading out from the palace) made me reflect on the importance we all place on image and beauty.  Looking good is, well, beautiful.  It is a good thing.  But is it the most important thing.  Again it challenges me to think whether I worry more about what people think of me, than I do about what God thinks of me.  I recall Jesus criticism of the religious leaders who loved to be seen praying on the street corner.  "Look how spiritual I am" And I wonder how much of what I do is motivated by looking good to others.  A final twist in the tale.  Princes Grace of Monaco (formerly the actress and fashion icon Grace Kelly) is buried in this cathedral, and is listed in the international best dressed hall of fame.

Hope you're looking good!
The beautiful Sue on the Cannes waterfront, with our bagette for lunch.
Our box of beautifully presented (!) patissaries from St Laurent du Var (the labels are chocolate)

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