Thursday, July 16, 2015


The extroverts among us will probably find solitude more challenging and yet especially beneficial, but solitude as a spiritual practice can be a significant time for introverts also.

Solitude is choosing to step free from human relationships for a period of time, in isolation or anonymity, to make room for occupation of our lives by God.

Some Hints:
·  Try setting aside 3 or 4 hours at first in a pleasant place (even if you live alone, plan a specific time of solitude).
·  Just observe.  Don’t do anything.  Notice your surroundings – especially if you are outside enjoying God’s creation.
·  Try walking along the beach.
·  You might pray, but don’t make a job of it.  Simply talk to your Heavenly Father.
·  If you are at home and you fall asleep, don’t worry.  Enjoy the rest and talk to God when you wake up. (1 Kg 19:4-9)
·  Solitude is not a private therapeutic place.  Rather, it is the place of conversion, the place where the old self dies and the new self is born.

Some Benefits of Solitude:

  •  It breaks our co-dependency.  Others can live without us and us without them.
  •  We learn to appreciate other people more, without needing to control them.
  •  It frees us from busyness and overwork (and other things that bind us).
  •  It builds trust in God as we take our hands off and allow God to take charge.
  • It provides time to focus on God and to develop other spiritual practices such as prayer and Bible study.

God bless you in these times alone with God.


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