Monday, August 2, 2010

Living from the Inside Out

Last Monday (my Sabbath) Sue and I had lunch in Palmerston.  I was amused to discover a shop with the same name as my blog.

It is a recycle clothing shop!  The other interesting thing is that the reflection on the shop door upset this amateur photographer when I tried to capture the sign on my iPhone.  The photo shows more of what is outside the shop than what is inside.  And yet isn't that the way life works?  Who and what we are inside affects the way we behave on the outside.  This is illustrates part of my conviction about Inside Out (see my post of 16th July).  It was Jesus who said, "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Mt 12:34  Good for a preacher to remember!

John Stoddart was reading my blog and sent me a link (here) to an article that gathered wisdom from some mature Christian leaders.  Among other things the article said, "These 'fathers of the faith' also made it clear to us that their leadership is simply an overflow of who they are.  What they have allowed God to build and develop in them has become the reservoir that the Holy Spirit draws upon as they lead people, make decisions and discern the guidance of God.  The deliberate tending of their hearts has helped to guard and guide them as disciples of Jesus and leaders in the kingdom."

 I took one other photo of the shop.  This one shows a little more of what is inside - a cross!  May that be true for me!  Again and again I find, and it is true just now, that it is when I am living close to Jesus that I am most fruitful.  When he is dealing with stuff inside me and keeping me from rebellion, opportunities to share my faith arise and people around me come to know Jesus.

It isn't a magic formula, but it is part of my conviction about Inside Out!


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